Upgrade Policy
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Upgrade Policy

The majority of the code for the licensed and evaluation versions of this program is identical.

It is the presence of a non-redistributable file, WCL1X.DLL, that is supplied with the licensed version and is unique to each licensee that causes WebCompiler to generate compiled presentations that do not display the "Distribution is Prohibited" messages and that contain the licensees details in the "About" box.

The presence of the licensed WCL1X.DLL file will also cause any further versions of WebCompiler that still bear the 1.xx release number to behave as licensed versions, wherever you obtain them from. Versions that bear the 1.xx release number will generally be for minor enhancements and bug-fixes. Any release containing major new functionality will bear the release number 2.xx, and an upgrade fee will probably be chargeable.

We will make new versions of WebCompiler program available via the usual sources, online on services such as CompuServe, CIX and the Internet and via disk vendors, cover disks and CD's.

The prime location for new releases is our Internet site at http://www.webcompiler.com.

If you do acquire a newer version of WebCompiler simply make sure that the WCL1X.DLL file that you received when you purchased your licence remains in the directory you have WebCompiler in.