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Revision<-> c+

Builder Ubuntu 18.04 x64 Build #0

The "FILE" action stacks the results of the current form, and then saves the content of the stack to a file. The user is presented with a standard "File Save As" dialog to select where the file will be saved and what it will be called. The HTML page to jump to after the E-Mail is complete may also be specified after a + sign. The FILEC performs the same actions but clears the stack after processing.

Specify this action as the ACTION parameter of the FORM tag. For example, to specify that you want to save the results using a Save As dialog with a caption of " SaveTo" (note no blanks are allowed), and then jump to the thankyou.htm page you would use :-

FORM Method="get" Action=FILE?SaveTo+thankyou.htm

You can also add a target frame name to the redirection page if you are using Frames by enclosing the frame name in brackets at the end, so if for example you wanted the redirection page to appear in a frame called "main" you would need to specify 

FORM Method="POST" Action=FILE?

The information is returned in "Name=Data" pairs. For example

Name=Peter Piper..
wildbrain address=1, The Causeway
Address=Smalltown, SomewhereVille
Address=Lower Bogotwana
Telephone=001 123 456 7890

You should also review the Compiler Options dialog where details of how you can encrypt the data resulting from Form Processing is discussed.