Getting Support
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Getting Support

If you need support:-

Before you reach for the phone or compose an E-Mail, please make sure you have looked through this document first. Make sure you look at the Frequently Asked Questions page- that has useful information. If that doesn't answer it, try looking at our Web site at - that will have the most up to date Frequently Asked Questions list, the latest version of WebCompiler, and other useful information.

Also, make sure you have the latest version of WebCompiler. If you've found a problem it may well already have been found by somebody else and fixed. The latest version, and revision history listing changes made, is at

If you have a question that this document or the Web site doesn't answer, or are reporting what appears to be a bug then we will be pleased to hear from you. But if it is a question that is answered in this document then all we will do is point you to the relevant section, and you will just get an answer a little bit slower. This is not meant to be awkward, but we try to keep our costs down to allow us to produce this high quality software at value-for-money prices, and answering support calls is an expensive undertaking. After all, some of the major software companies either charge for support or provide it on premium-price phone numbers. We don't want to have to do that.

And we cannot teach you HTML, or answer "how do I make my page look like this" type questions. There are a huge range of books on HTML. We also can't write JavaScript/VBScript for you. There are a huge range of JavaScript and VBScript resources on the Web.

OK, so the answer is not in here, or you've found a bug. What now-

If you have a licensed copy

By E-Mail

You can E-Mail your queries direct to us at, but please quote your license details (that appear in the About box of compiled distributables you create) at the top of the message so it can be separated out and passed on to the correct person immediately. We try to respond to E-Mail queries from licensed users by return. This is probably the better choice if you are E-Mail capable as we can be sure the right person is available to give you the best answer and if needs be send you a fix.

By Phone

You can call your local distributor (details from Help/Order Form), or us directly, but if you choose to contact us directly please remember we are located in  the U.K. so if it is 10 a.m. where you are it may be the middle of the night in the U.K. and nobody is going to be here to answer! Our normal office hours are 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. U.K. time. Be ready to quote your license details (that appear in the About box of compiled presentations you create). Also, please don't call off-hours and just leave a message asking us to call you back - so many people have abused that in the past that we simply don't any more. Also be aware that the staff there don't necessarily have in depth knowledge of technical issues and may simply have to take your e-mail address for a response and pass the question on. In most cases it will be quicker to use E-Mail.

If you have an unlicensed evaluation copy

By Mail

You can write to us at:- Oakley Data Services, WebCompiler Support, Lion Buildings, Market Place, Uttoxeter, Staffs, ST14 8HZ, United Kingdom, or to your local distributor.

By E-Mail

You can E-Mail us on We often update the FAQ if lots of people ask similar questions, and then send you that, but if you do have a unique query or have found a genuine bug we will respond individually.