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Version Release Date Changes
1.33. system.. bluelux 23rd Aug 2018 NYLON nylons.
1.32 11th Feb 2000 Improved Support for Real Media file format.
1.30 19th Jan 2000 Renamed to WebCompiler 2000

Minor bug fixes.

Enhanced Speed.

Smaller overhead.

1.20 1st August 1999 Bug fix to allow hybrid presentations (where images or similar are referenced via the http:// protocol and grabbed from the Internet rather than carried inside) to work properly. Previously it could fail to locate the graphic, and sometimes even start a separate copy of Internet Explorer.

Modification to allow hypertext links to embedded items like Microsoft Word document files, Excel spreadsheets, Help Files, sounds etc. to extract the data and call the associated program externally.

Fix for occasional Access Violation on exiting a presentation.

Option to permanently disable the Toolbar Bitmap, so the user cannot turn it on.

1.14 12th April 1999 Allow the vertical scrollbar to be totally removed, rather than just disabled. Most useful in Kiosk Mode. (Uncheck the ScrollBars option on the appearance tab of the Compiler options).

Allow specification of opening page by passing a parameter of the name of the page to the executable when called.

Fix bug that could cause the last entry field of a Form to be dropped.

Fix bug that could cause external files not to be found even though "Permit External Location" was checked.

1.13 Not generally released. Fix for failure to access linked PDF files in subdirectories containing spaces in their name.

New special link #WCSEARCH to call up the search panel. Useful in Clean-Screen mode.

Tightened up the restrictions on using Copy/Paste. There was a creative way of still copying even though the Copy command was disabled.

1.12 11th January 1999 Added an option to the Page/Directory Protection options to allow the caching of passwords to be disabled.

WebCompiled presentations can now call a program called wcnoie4.exe if they discover they are on a system that doesn't have IE4 or above. This could be used to start the IE4 installer for example.

1.11 9th January 1999 Tidied up password protection. In some circumstances it wouldn't show the page designed to be shown when a wrong password was entered. Also, as somebody pointed out, people could still do a search and possibly access pages that way even if the password had denied them access. Now if password protection is applied to the home page (presumably to protect the whole presentation), and a wrong password is entered there, then searching is disabled.

Tidied up the keyboard handling. Previously in some circumstances you would have to click on the window before Page Up/Down etc. would work. This was inconsistent and confusing.

1.10 6th January 1999 Form Processing capability introduced. Form data can be printed, saved to file, stored via MAPI in the user's outbox, or sent directly via SMTP.

Optional encryption of returning form data implemented, using the standard Blowfish encryption algorithm. Functionality to decrypt the returning data included (obviously!).

Credit Card numbers entered on forms can be algorithmically validated.

Added support for Embedded Fonts, which allow non-standard fonts to be carried around with the presentation.

Added ability to have a Splash Screen.

Added a user-definable Logo at the right of the Toolbar.

Extended the Page Protection concept to allow the protection of complete directories as well as individual pages.

Additional sibling directories can be included, to support the arrangement (for example) where the HTML and graphics are divided between an IMAGES and TEXT directory at the same "level", and references to images are via links such as <IMG SRC="../IMAGES/xxx.jpg".

Added special links #WCPRINT and #WCPAGESETUP to allow printing and page set-up functions in "Clean-Screen" mode.

Added the ability to produce presentations that have pages with passwords related to the system they execute on, such that pages in a presentation can only be seen on a specific system, the same password will not work on another system. (Sort of "copy protection").

Allow specification of No Address Bar in compiled presentations (the Address bar is sometimes a bit useless in framed presentations).

Allow a compiled presentation to reference data externally. If the data isn't "compiled in" to the presentation then the engine will try to find it externally, in the same "relative" position. (i.e. if a reference is made to image.gif which was not in the same directory as the home page when compiled, then it will look for it in the same directory as the presentation is running from. Similarly if a file xxx\image.jpg is referenced but not included then it will look for the image.jpg file in the xxx subdirectory relative to where it is running from). The default is not to do this. It is controlled by an option on the Functionality Tab of the Compiler options dialog.

Compiler now remembers what you were last working on.

Provided a mechanism to import and export the Presentation Profile, to facilitate changing directory structures or moving to a new PC.

The Enter key will now initiate a search, previously only a mouse click could do it.

Considerably reduced the overhead in compiled presentations. Down from over 600K to under 400K even with the additional functionality.

Corrected bug that could prevent the Copy command from working.

Corrected bug that could sometimes leave the toolbar visible in clean-screen mode.

Corrected bug that could prevent Favorites from being stored on Win95 systems due to differences in Registry handling (worked OK on Win98 and NT4 - thanks Microsoft!).

Corrected bug in Search that could sometimes return innapropriate pages as well as those containing the required string.

Searching improved to cope with foreign characters (umlauts etc.).

Corrected documentation error regarding translating the "Explorer Bar" submenu structure and some of the elements of the search pane.

1.01 15 Oct 1998 Fix for being unable to exit using the #WCEXIT link in clean-screen mode.
1.00 26 Sep 1998 Initial Release