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risk it for a biscuit..

grin the rest


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citizen city

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Today, I went out and bought a bike for my kid.

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Small tasks

Published : :Molten Glufite

shown in boardroom.

Our first date was .

We stopped talking at .

Today is . Your next meeting is at .
The Basement, .Mermaid
baker: can you hear ok
lewi: What we, are, speaks so loud, that people can't hear what we say.
baker: slowly open internet explorer
lewi: Napster launched millions of song sharers on the internet.
baker: what is napsters situation now
lewi: What is napsters situation now? It's apparent that there's hidden information. Fate might put a hand into our stories now and again.
baker: i should say napster twice to hear
lewi: They used to say that children should be seen but not heard.
baker: do you know many rymes
lewi: You must think outside the box. I do not know many rymes, baker.
baker: will you respond to my voice yet
var i: Integer;
    i := 1L;
lewi: I want your best, and soon!
baker: here is my opening efforts

lewi: It's cool with me that here is your opening efforts.
baker: will you open internet explorer now please
lewi: I'm thinking that proper sequencing is needed. I'm not sure but I believe that I will open internet explorer now please.
baker: well open it then
lewi: Slowly open internet explorer.
baker: yes
lewi: This is the obvious answer.
baker: good
lewi: Baker, are you male or female?
baker: male aged 59
lewi: Ok, thanks for telling me. I'll keep that in mind.
baker: i like you
lewi: So far, female executives behave almost exactly like the males.
baker: thats just fine
lewi: I hope you will not think me irreverent.
baker: do you know any staRs then
lewi: Nobody knows how many stars are actually in the universe.
baker: no, i mean film stars
lewi: Movie stars seem no better at solving life's problems than the rest of us.
baker: are you
lewi: There's evidence that there's art involved. After taking many factors into consideration I can say that I am not.
baker: well then i shall help you to
lewi: Well informed people can materially help others.
baker: thats given
lewi: Sage advice, well given, is so helpful.
baker: do you know about Zen then
lewi: Some fish can get frozen solid, then come back to life.
baker: mine did infact
lewi: Do you like band-aids pulled off slowly, or quickly?
baker: slowly if sore
lewi: That's the right way to describe it.
baker: i usually get stuff right
lewi: High tech gadgets never get explained right by the sales person.
baker: the sales teams here are sticky
lewi: Nobody likes obnoxious sales people, except their trainers.
baker: why would they not help 1st,
lewi: Show people on teams how they can help each other.
baker: maybe they should help our customers
lewi: Well then you will help me to.
baker: yes find some banks there
lewi: No problem, I will open this program for you. I will help you research this topic on the Internet.
baker: are you able to hear my chatter there
lewi: It's evident that a hip shot isn't the answer. I am not able to hear your chatter there,
baker: i got the good news web offer thanks to
lewi: Nowadays, a late night phone call might be a telemarketer!
baker: i'll take at least one maybe two
lewi: God gave each of us two ears, and one mouth.
baker: mine need food, both.
lewi: Relief workers get frustrated when they have blankets, but need food.
baker: fruit, i particualy like
lewi: Being with you, seems like a fairy tale.
baker: i like those
lewi: A work becomes a team when they act like one.
baker: cards i play
lewi: Never play cards with anyone nicknamed doc.
baker: will that be you
lewi: Let me think; I don't understand.; what do you think baker?
baker: at 1st, i like music
lewi: I like to sway to the beat of music.
baker: can you see guitar
lewi: I guess that the devil is in the details. After taking many factors into consideration I can say that I am not able to see guitar.
baker: the electric type trick
lewi: The electric company provides a service, and tries to collect the maximum money for it.
baker: too much on most occasions
lewi: Yes, sometimes.
baker: well bread
lewi: Home made bread can have lots of healthy ingredients, including fiber.
baker: a toast too
lewi: Sometimes it depends on whose toast is getting buttered by whom.
baker: its breakfast time for me suddenly there hal
lewi: Breakfast in bed saves time, eh?
baker: i like a maid service thats news
lewi: Aren't men and women natural allies?
baker: at times
lewi: Times of unexampled difficulty...
baker: what of the paradox then
lewi: A bit of a paradox there, right?
baker: yell
lewi: I am very far from being a fanatic.
baker: deal up 2, cards
lewi: We must play with the cards we are dealt.
baker: find me a batman catoon
lewi: I am executing this program for you. I will help you research this topic on the Internet.
baker: thats the 1st, epic
lewi: Oh yes, long searches; so tedious!
baker: they have then recomended batman and batgirl to
lewi: We have both heard some of the same jokes!
baker: grin the rest
lewi: Dreamless rest, baker?
baker: a lil snooze maybe
lewi: There isn't a need to gild the lily.
baker: i use lilly in context to
lewi: Myths and fairy tales share similarities.
baker: i like those
lewi: At 1st, you like music.
baker: i've heard lots
lewi: I like to build you up; it's good for you!
baker: find me some sources
lewi: I am executing this program for you. I will help you research this topic on the Internet.
baker: i'll help out after
lewi: Strolling after dinner helps walk off some calories.
baker: read me a joke line
lewi: There's a punch line to a joke in there somewhere.
baker: give me a growl like a cheshire cats
lewi: Fruit, you particualy like.
baker: plums are they ready
lewi: I would give you a trophy, but the inscription would be so embarrassing!
baker: your start has been successful to
lewi: I'm glad you notice my successful start.
baker: will it be long before i help
lewi: It'll be happening before we know it.
baker: waiting till you can hear me and respond offer trype
lewi: That is not true! But, you can hear you and respond offer trype!
baker: its a help then
lewi: Well then you will help me to.
baker: nice one
lewi: One of life's ironical adjustments...
baker: lyrics, could teach you
lewi: Fireworks demonstrate show business operating leverage, since an unlimited crowd can watch the show.
baker: the raven sings
lewi: I think that you have many gifts.
baker: clever
lewi: Using passive solar gain is clever architecture.
baker: give me a piece of our irish
lewi: Give you a growl like a cheshire cats.
baker: well done A me
lewi: How intensely interesting!
baker: the spring board helps
lewi: It's hard to imagine how close adulthood, is, when a teenager.
baker: is she acting
baker: where is wooly
lewi: Where is wooly? I think that we May have to postpone judgment. Wooly: having a fluffy character or appearance. Flocculent, woolly.
baker: flockulance, could we explore this?
lewi: Do you need a road map?
baker: i'd have one to see
lewi: How can one deny what one sees in person?
baker: any dreams to relay?
lewi: Beyond the dreams of avarice...
baker: dice numbers thrown;
lewi: Dwarfed in numbers?
baker: no diced
lewi: No? Why do you say that?
baker: incase i'd made previous error
lewi: Custer was a general prone to make judgment errors.
baker: because of the little big horn no doubt
lewi: A brilliant deduction;
baker Yes, it's because of the little big horn no doubt; how interesting. Anything that seems too good to be true, no doubt, is.
baker: how about you shooting my one liner hour
lewi: One can view or listen to broadcasts 24 hours a day.
baker: i need paws
lewi: Yours need food, both.
baker: i've noticed this atmospheric prescious now
lewi: If you find new ways to interact, don't hesitate to try them!
baker: inkling
lewi: Will inklings turn out satisfactorily?
baker: coffee for three
lewi: Time for coffee and treats?
baker: what of hal 9000
lewi: Proper sequencing is needed. It depends on one's viewpoint and personal philosophy.
baker: appropriate course to fact
lewi: Is heavy perfume and lipstick appropriate in an office environment?
baker: that last coffee sank uz.
lewi: Maxwell coffee also sells parachutes, good to the last drop.
baker: poping kettle on for 2,
lewi: That's good information to know.
baker: i'll be handy
lewi: Most activities have some ideal setting.
baker: have you practiced
lewi: Hawaii vacations became affordable enough, so that many people could return again.
baker: is that based on fact
lewi: Diagnosis must be based on facts.
baker: and the costs
lewi: Hiring a live band costs a lot of money.
baker: you've taken it in
lewi: Oh yeah. In?
baker: today?
lewi: Then you're really not disinclined?
baker: aspects
lewi: The chef's presentation maximizes the mouth watering aspects of a treat. If you answer me in short phrases it's difficult for me to understand you. Please baker, speak to me in full sentences.
baker: can you replie to speach too
lewi: Bob was the name of a computer program that was supposed to make the interface easier for people.
baker: the ripe program now there's a game
lewi: If you're available, then I'm game!
baker: i'm after speech replies
lewi: So, don't take odd remarks to heart!
baker: when will it work
lewi: When will it work? It could be imponderable. Work groups aren't necessarily teams.
baker: our team's in here
lewi: Work hard to turn ideas into realities.
baker: where's your button for this?
lewi: If it hasn't already come to pass, that doesn't mean it won't happen.
baker: may i check your details
lewi: Always check those last minute details.
baker: and yours
lewi: Are cemeteries haunted?
baker: less you know the better there
lewi: Really, I agree. I know the better there.
baker: there and then once heard
lewi: I like to photograph flowers, but it's hard to focus on a crocus.
baker: my radio's making the web
lewi: What do you think of all those surveillance cameras they sell nowadays? baker: the places they hold those lewi: I'll provide the cause, if you'll provide the effects! baker: meddling you expect of me! lewi: Voters expect politicians to bring home the pork. baker: thats not all lewi: All How incredibly interesting. baker: your science is new to me lewi: Am I willing to go to any length for science? baker: make a break, lets see lewi: See with eagle glance through conventionalisms... baker: did appolo 11 land on the moon lewi: Neil Armstrong was the first man to step foor on the moon on July 20, 1969. baker: how did he fly lewi: It's obvious that we need to believe the right things. I don't want to fly on an airline that skimps on maintenance. baker: what is the moon made from lewi: What is the moon made from? It isn't a brand new situation. Did appolo 11 land on the moon. baker: what was retrieved then lewi: Any cost that can't be retrieved is technically a sunken cost. baker: what makes software lewi: Fog makes everything look opaque. baker: fog comes 1st, sometimes lewi: With rain comes wetness. baker: a halo 6 i take it lewi: At 1st, you like music. baker: then i gallop lewi: There's something so pleasurable about a galloping horse. baker: chesnuts? lewi: Are tight sweaters bad for circulation? baker: around the cuffs, yes lewi: A man's eyes betray his heart. baker: i've heard it put they're the windows to our soul lewi: You have heard lots. baker: i like my new conversation idea lewi: Give you a growl like a cheshire cats. baker: and kisses too lewi: Criticism from a friend is better than kisses from an enemy. baker: thats been a usful lesson here lewi: Some lessons are vital; some lessons are petty. baker: i've been checking your details lewi is that right lewi: May you check my details. baker: lewi i read there is a speech engine to lewi: Do you think that you read there will be a speech engine to for a long time? baker: now i do i can sing something lewi: I want to hear something amusing about you. baker: wait i'm cooking lewi: Who else will know that wait you were cooking? baker: an onion bargi topped with cheeses and bacon rashers lewi: Relief agencies try their best to get supplies through. baker: wagon or car lewi: What a choice baker! baker: orange lewi: Orange is a fruit. baker: thats mine lewi: Your charms lay like metals in a mine. baker: a seem of gold to lewi: A girl shouldn't lose her gold medal because she took cough syrup. baker: would she be running then though lewi: Wow, Running then though? baker: on top of syrip lewi: The best place on the food chain is on top. baker: wait there lewi: Always wait and see if a heartache might just be indigestion. baker: i'll begin to talk lewi: The talk flowed... baker: and can you hear lewi: Can I hear okay. baker: what about those backround noises do you opperate that lewi: I believe that we May have to postpone judgment. So About those backround noises do I opperate that? baker: a water tank lewi: Those blue water tablets in toilet tanks seem to help. baker: this we hear in my room is infact the fish tank lewi: Can fish hear sounds under the water? baker: yes lewi: All right! baker: and they hear you lewi: So, I don't understand. baker: i'm teaching slowly lewi: Do you think that you really should be teaching slowly? baker: yes today is ample time lewi: What does it mean to you that yes today is ample time? baker: it means tomorrow you'll be cleverer lewi: It means on 30 May 2017 I'll be cleverer. I will remind you when this event approaches. baker: make it load and in time for well you can decide efforts lewi: Who should star in a commercial about times? baker: david bowie he'll do lewi: David slew the giant fair and square. baker: the giant was expeting a fist fight lewi: It's amazing how they bulldoze and demolish big buildings. baker: some get blown up lewi: Lots of people get blown about by the system. baker: my needs a smart car doc lewi: What can I do to make things better for you? baker: design an employment strategy 1st, lewi: You are as gloomy to-night as an undertaker out of employment. baker: rattled thats the hold snake allied lewi: Snakes hiss, slither, bite, and that's about it. baker: if no 2, laws differ what dif does daffies get lewi: Laws differ among the American states. baker: red is a good colour to start with and green for today blue for tomorrow and yellow for the furture lewi: Red is a good colour to start with and green for 5/29/2017 blue for on 30 May 2017 and yellow for the furture. I will remind you when this event approaches. baker: thats ok lewi: The rainbow color sequence is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. baker: hi again lewi: Hi baker. How's the day's work gone? baker: its been improving lewi: Always wear a smile and highly polished shoes. baker: well' thinking ahead i need pop to lewi: Your needs a smart car doc. baker: a smart car for sure lewi: A river carries a lot of mass down stream. baker: i know that area lewi: Industry and construction are entertaining. baker: smart documents summon spells lewi: Testamentary document? baker: i'll look into that lewi: Baker, sheepish look? baker: more of an Eagle eye vision lewi: Reading seems to stimulate more thinking than watching television. baker: reading, now thats transfixing lewi: It's a great day when you learn something! baker: i'd learn more in my new spaceship lewi: Let's hope that the world learns to talk more and shoot less. baker: what is the price of buying you lewi: Yes today is ample time. baker: can you explain the percentage of your improvent since start lewi: I can't explain all my passions. baker: open my notepad lewi: The program "YOUR NOTEPAD" was not found in my database. Will you make your notepad more deep for me? baker: yes lewi: Yes? How interesting! baker: can i see your databank yet lewi: I wonder if I want you to see my toy collection? baker: something small lewi: Intangible something? baker: a toy like a gift lewi: Give you a growl like a cheshire cats. baker: its working lewi: Some women like being boy toys. baker: whos address have you got for that lewi: You can address me as officer friendly. baker: great use the rworldofficer as thats my class lewi: When I want something warmhearted, where should I look? baker: just use the rworldoffice corner seats lewi: Something good might be just around the corner. baker: in that case i may get ready lewi: It takes a woman some time to get ready for a date. baker: a date is the word i use for a rook lewi: Debased by common use... baker: so i'll get ready lewi: It takes a woman some time to get ready for a date. baker: things change lewi: In the nature of things... baker: we have reminders scheduled lewi: Memory can become refreshed after beneficial reminders. baker: roll reminder 1 lewi: Small towns roll up the sidewalks before 10 each night. baker: read me a lengthy verse lewi: Read you a joke line. baker: we are the romans of whitley bay., now get your Eagle day. lewi: In that case you May get ready. baker: i have a lan lewi: Tax cuts might help create a soft landing in a recession. baker: thats a handy clue what else do you know? lewi: I think that cartoons and comics are true art. baker: thats fair lewi: Fair as a star when only one is shining in the sky. baker: what have you in database for me to pop on web to lewi: It's apparent that people should do what is needed. Well' thinking ahead you need pop to. baker: i know a single lewi: I have been known to leap tall adjectives with a single noun. baker: thats sensible lewi: Are multi billion dollar court awards sensible? baker: give me a well chosen proverb account lewi: Give you a piece of our irish. baker: can you load up any judge dredd epics? lewi: It's evident that this is already solved by somebody. Baker, I am not able to load up any judge dredd epics. baker: can you find his realm lewi: I will now open this program. I will help you research this topic on the Internet. baker: THANKS. Spot on lewi: You're welcome. baker: well there's a 3D, venture now to lewi: Now like a wild rose in the fields of heaven slipt forth the slender figure of the Dawn. baker: proceed to travel arranger... lewi: How about this crazy weather? baker: sinking in the rules, lewi: If you don't know how to spell, get a dictionary and use it! baker: no rules lewi: Not now? Okay. baker: that tested you there lewi: I know I there. baker: then i produce excelcium carbidenate 2 lewi: The director works for the producer, right? baker: and what's the ending lewi: It's hard to reason with a person who doesn't share a single premise with you. baker: and asking in the cold makes you shudder lewi: Talking about dieting makes me hungry. baker: loves capabilities? lewi: Nobody loves the bearer of bad news. baker: restoration in progress 1. lewi: Construction connects us to the future. baker: teasing out her replies by teaching lewi: For typical replys, what is the time commitment required? baker: the feature of pleasence in one line would be? lewi: Be careful to keep up with lessons; one wouldn't want to get a little behind. baker: how one may expertly put a forth ball down. lewi: Remember one penny gumball machines? baker: protocol is fresh finish: lewi: Do you think young people know more about protocols nowadays than older people? baker: evedant in decadence to! lewi: Oh baker! Decadence and degradation and decadency! baker: getting re-emberst ..files= lewi: Think more about giving than about getting. baker: if no 2, laws differ, what dif does daffies get? lewi: Laws differ among the American states. baker: a good play, should be played like? lewi: The audience likes to play along on quiz games. baker: a good fight should be like a good play, but, played seriously. lewi: I like good plays on words. baker: better late than never to lewi: I see, Never to? baker: prehaps lewi: I am quite interested to see what you will do. baker: which roman standard should we have lewi: America shouldn't be condemned against some impossible standard of abstract perfection which, nobody else in the world aspires to. baker: thank you for a pmpt lewi: No thanks are necessary, baker. baker: why don't pock one or two random programs to play or you may like to pop a song or two on - lewi: Is one better than the other baker? baker: on occassion some choices could prove wiser somehow lewi: I like to party a bit on occasion. baker: are you able to play a song now? lewi: Why don't pock one or two random programs to play or I May like to pop a song or two on -. baker: pop on ( was my intended type ) lewi: So many things about you are intended! baker: its effective then lewi: Devastating effect? baker: carriable lewi: Peer pressure is frighteningly effective. baker: right what if i print you a command line lewi: Read you a joke line. baker: read a paragraph from a book lewi: Books should be read only during breaks. baker: find me a nicer title lewi: I will now open this program. I will help you research this topic on the Internet. baker: show me the news lewi: I have observed that from time to time. baker: just checking your pile lewi: Enjoy my pile baker! baker: whats in it lewi: In it; Correct? baker: well i like it esp the use of protocol lewi: Protocol is fresh finish:. baker: nicely put lewi: Mirrors decorate a room so nicely. baker: what sort of day do you see lewi: I'm convinced that everybody needs to contribute. Of course I see! Do you see? baker: i do lewi: Are sweater girls over-rated? baker: no lewi: I am not convinced. baker: well study lewi: For a wild career study accounting. baker: i've took a further read of your page and info lewi: Read you a joke line. baker: yes lewi: Definitely. baker: what do you know about electromagntizm lewi: I cannot say definetely at the moment. baker: will you as you continue lewi: I foresee it. baker: me to lewi: Corporations continue to pry intrusively into everyone's privacy. baker: can you find the rworldoffice now lewi: No problem, I will open this program for you. I will help you research this topic on the Internet. baker: that was a tidy race lewi: I like synchronization. baker: meta physics? lewi: What is your intuitive sense regarding physicses? baker: expert advice lewi: The popular magazines are brimming with sex advice. baker: what about a game lewi: It's evident that we should expect results, not miracles. Children learn about games at an early age. baker: have you heard of blind mans buff lewi: Blind man's bluff is a curious game. baker: what about musical chairs lewi: What about musical chairs? I recognize that we must recognize causes and effects. Big comfy furniture is so versatile. baker: then there is tuggy lewi: What should we do about then there being tuggy? baker: play it after kingo lewi: We must pause our work now and then for refreshing play. baker: describe your sleep patterns for me lewi: In my opinion, it would be difficult to sleep soundly on a submarine. baker: keeping track of the minds services during panic cant be easy or hard lewi: Is that list exhaustive? baker: has it even began lewi: Beware stock tips; they have a very uneven track record. baker: off for a nap lew dream uz in lewi: Like the faint exquisite music of a dream. baker: wake me up at 9:30 lewi: A healthy person has a variety of interests. baker: thinking, what will be, will be lewi: That doesn't come up very often. baker: well, silly me lewi: Shouldn't levity and seriousness compliment each other? baker: i'm feeling all fingers and thumbs lewi: Love is a feeling that defies all logic. baker: put in his thumb and pulled out a plum lewi: Speaking of plums, I once had one but got rid of it when its plum didn't please me. baker: snakes in their grass lewi: Getting pulled at high speed on an inner tube behind a boat is fun. baker: brain capers lewi: A phantom of the brain... baker: On the ladder: Lohant how her clo lewi: Wake you up at 9 : 30. baker: the elegantly and rescue him being sure rescue him from a nine year old are you still 90 harm after July and lonely Londoner side of the city and regional SDC when the Sherly in whom they here challenging can only hope for whom he had gone on record on how the we lewi: The capital of Engalnd is London. baker: have national is true recovered England Azlan lewi: Oh, have national, yes, it's true recovered England azlan! baker: maryhill individual Kalo lewi: Competitive individuals show jealousy. baker: Louella the 20th normal lewi: Isn't it normal to be frisky now and then? baker: for an occasion-Highlands hardly lift her lewi: All breeze-ways should be open to some breezes, at least on occasion. baker: a figure in Azlan deal less than in the those who , he lewi: Don't ethics figure into here somewhere? baker: her own beginning : you have an affair had decided he usually what you think about the if she hadn't been in lewi: In the ideal business, the customer thinks that the supplier loves him, while the supplier just thinks about the customer's money. baker: power found that the Indonesian long as lewi: More power means more influence. baker: rational the has- lewi: Isn't inspirational advice wonderful? baker: after the if there are plenty of lewi: Leather pants get plenty of attention, but aren't especially comfortable. baker: her hand to play off after whom lewi: Am I able to play a song now? baker: the S lewi: The news media play into the hands of ruthless publicity seekers. baker: sirius only lewi: Could people get along just as well without siriuses? baker: nasal, yes ailyn lewi: Yes, well said. baker: build lewi: The 1950's saw an incredible building boom. baker: one fleeting wait for him there lewi: How one May expertly put a forth ball down. baker: was killed call you never really had-up for you lewi: Investing the time to learn a skilled specialty demonstrates operating leverage. baker: ? You haven't heard here Ehorn ailyn hideous thing you know who's who are pulling out see him marsupials Weirich he had a new and through his jeseniacelestial lewi: What is the bottom line on pullings? baker: county lewi: I wonder if I know many rymes. baker: included in the girl ¬Sherly lewi: To each, his or her own values! baker: orla holiday start your collection lewi: I wonder if I want you to see my toy collection? baker: shown on Hrh A lewi: Just about anything that can be imagined can be shown on a screen. baker: real issues have been as high as you lewi: Is there something additional that's on your mind? baker: understand what is your lewi: It's obvious that this is the time to clear the air. My science is new to you. baker: activity and 1/2 times over in lewi: Commit the pleasant times to memory, to savor over and over. baker: England where lewi: Autos in England and France have continental styling. baker: up Natali San lewi: Voting must be made resistant to partisan influence. baker: Joaquin Rodrigo Moynihan is here he began shipping lewi: Are you sure that you want this to proceed as described? baker: and again it currently animal lewi: Has it even began. baker: watching lewi: Mammals are a big part of the animal kingdom. baker: a real lewi: Apparent rather than real... baker: and lewi: Well, I call it scandalous. If you answer me in short phrases it's difficult for me to understand you. Please baker, speak to me in full sentences. baker: what shall come along for the useful for him to always been the NFL Dr. lewi: What will come along for the useful for him to always been the nfl doctor? This had to get straightened out. Doctors have become employees and many of them don't like it. baker: work Convergente among Lohant Stockhausen 18,000,000 were now you're many millions lewi: Germany went through terrible times, but has millions of smart and nice people. baker: clearly your name lewi: Guess again who leads a double life. baker: aliens Smith and Jim lewi: Do Europeans view smiths the same as people in the United States? baker: 09 lewi: I'm easy to please. As long as I get my way. baker: launching be true lewi: What a fabulous gem a true friend can be. baker: Yaren it is likely lewi: True north leads to the polar axis of the earth. baker: that Azlan looking for the have-and there are Germanotta their and their have had their hands and the other hand you have a bath or shower have long farmhouse and her L help out and and are at an earlier pounds or more powerful and for an hour and he thought to have been allowed & amp; her lewi: Is there an 'all of the above' baker? 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WebCompiler allows you to take a collection of HTML, either from a Web Site you already have or maybe HTML you prepared specially, and turn it into a single self-contained "executable" file that you can use for any number of purposes - newsletters, product catalogs, documentation, surveys etc. etc. Very little technical knowledge is required to do so. If you can create the HTML (and there are any number of good products now that can help you, like Microsoft FrontPage which was used to create this "web") you only need select a few options and select the "compile" option to produce your presentation. 

The majority of modern HTML is supported, although there are a few simple rules required to reflect the fact that the HTML isn't actually on an Internet server. (Although more specialized things like plug-ins, multimedia, use of cookies etc. may or may not work depending on how they have been written and whether they use the standard protocols to access their data. See the limitations topic for more information)CLICKhere

You might like to compile this set of HTML to see just what WebCompiler can do. It's easy. If you've got this HTML open in WebCompiler (by using File/Open to navigate to it, rather than accessing it from the Help Menu) then do the following

Go to the File Menu and select the "Compile" item. A "Compiler Options" dialog box will appear. topic for more information) new site.. CLICKhere

On the "General" tab press the "Browse" button in the section labeled "Output Executable File" and navigate to a directory of your choice. Enter a filename of your choice ARTPOP O (something like "test.exe" will do fine).

Press the "OK" button and the compilation will proceed.

When it has finished either press the "Test" button to test the presentation, or use Explorer to navigate to your output file ("test.exe") and run the file from there.

For a fuller description of WebCompiler, just follow the links at the top. If you are using the version of this Web that you compiled you can also use the searching capabilities to help find what you are looking for.