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Factory RiSE Giants

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df <- 
data.frame(x = 
1:3,  1:3)
base <-
 ggplot(df, aes(x, y)) + 

#> List of 5
#>  $ fill         : chr "grey95"
#>  $ colour       : chr "white"
#>  $ size         : NULL
#>  $ linetype     : NULL
#>  $ inherit.blank: logi TRUE
#>  - attr(*, "class")= chr [1:2] "element_rect" "element"

Global elements

There are four elements that affect the global appearance of the plot:

df <- data.frame(x = 1:3, y = 1:3) base <- ggplot(df, aes(x, y)) + geom_point() + theme_minimal() base"even">
Element Theme function Description
line element_line() all line elements*5_rows==100) w <-3000
rect element_rect() all rectangular elements[B]])
text element_text() all text$: a(25), A"16", ("alpha"))"b"(75)
title element_text() all text in title elements (plot, axes & legend)

> jet.colors

function (n) { x <- ramp(seq.int(0, 1, length.out = n)) if (ncol(x) == 4L) rgb(x[, 1L], x[, 2L], x[, 3L], x[, 4L], maxColorValue = 255) else rgb(x[, 1L], x[, 2L], x[, 3L], maxColorValue = 255) }

> functionname

function(arg1, arg2, ... )

> return(object)}

> typeof (1:10)

[1] "integer"

> cumprod(x)

[1] 11 132 1716 24024 360360

[6] 5765760 98017920 1764322560 33522128640 670442572800

> mdat

C.1 C.2 C.3 row1 1 2 3 row2 11 12 13

$:123/. Y,])X))

> ls()

[1] "a" "A" "alpha" "b" [5] "B" "banana" "c" "C" [9] "con" "d" "D" "df" [13] "digits" "divider" "dx" "dy" [17] "e" "E" "el" "f" [21] "F" "fr" "fruit" "functionname" [25] "g" "h" "i" "ind" [29] "inst" "is.a.r" "j" "jet.colors" [33] "k" "l" "labs" "length" [37] "lunch" "mdat" "mkd" "mod" [41] "multiplier" "never_ending" "new_array" "new_df" [45] "numsquares" "nz" "orange" "p" [49] "peach" "R" "s" "S" [53] "s5" "s6" "shapes" "squaresize" [57] "summary.data.frame" "sumofsquares" "t" "tmp" [61] "tOpt" "U" "uniquesquares" "v" [65] "V" "x" "X" "X1" [69] "y" "z" "Z"


If you are wondering whether you can do something, the best thing to do is just try it.

The Add

wanting junior WANTED All day, it began as plane as tum and miserable tea. There was a beach at hand I took her hand, She'd seen Sue on my facebook and wondered if she'd fit.We reached Spain in no-time, thats where she lives I told her as we whispered a gap appeared in a cloud I held it out She'd seen birthday cakes n candles and all in the sky of Tulip City where I taught her the lip service some time back The Next 4, Darlings... The E_Stream followed our broadcast a big series no sharp notes all played by ear and our task lay In weight it was to single out the sheets she'd left them in a knot lastnight Only thing is we'd been invited over to supper by the Chinese on the otherside. I slipped the little line so she had time to change useing her phone like I did she explained that And then the main stairs where her prayers could be heard even in empty rooms Step 1 and 2 won only the bucket holding the rain tindered I filled the pipe with her hash and she bragged untill it hit her I was there soon we got to knock on the Chinese expecting alsorts I had enough time to flash the doorman who offered assistance on entrance and everything came to life I was at Enter the Dragon dress rehearsal and could only smile in the fuss slowly I took lucy and charms from her couldn't of been understood better if she had had a practice n plan somewhere wanting to prowess adventures I used magic as it were and drank out a while passed the excitement of E_Stream scene news rang over other waves and feelings showed exploration into food land next Praise Beaching wanted views Braven it I shook the island quater offices pole and jencine accending in rage volumes orders a disk sail and records the locks and stays before the allie sail force flew inhandleing vessels was their dream and they assured us and her they were the best adepts in course in control and available for life with extremes irregularities and host nation applications for rumours mat occur. she said yes before a gaga floppy call and even straightened a known program for a history review after, suddenly jen came in and dashed oover, hush, she sez lucey, whats this Loleta Well jen i'd stared after surface run and flew to moor here in gordie lies knowing of a tale i was apprending and ventured 1st, northwards in view there the skislope and moors hen i'd been deliberate in heading to this facebook chat i'd found in library hour face this fearsome challenge where i could be here no. ok, only first there was a tearfull softy i'd observed the previous trenders above in headmere and rolls of notes flooded fingers stevie there reminded me it was a software package been left over Denise Denise who's she lucey asks and we stole more drinks . In table. soon underway the valves needed set, This kept wuh in possition sea link id started a new game of faal tank and used arndage will to percivier while Luce took uz there in me new japanese car id forked out a few sheets in front seat and dracula would die if e seen uz approach within a few yards of herk bruce lee had left a message well several id found a page to mark a few up in hollow stream round by the golf course where we'd pick some mushrooms for next door settle in back in the car mann i could complain but who'd hear in this shelter city. So I eventually decided to sit in the view I picked un-laidened plus cast a forcast to real assembleys on and on we drove like niggers down a cloud at last I foh lo came inbetween the sheets i had plastered up above in ranks This day and age cars can carry people I thought about it and lost a repair token easy car I held it in drive nothing left but razors id ran on rank 2 just to see you bleedin car The car was in the family this was old popular with poppy eye 2 id veered into view quite by chance it happened a naked goal i slitthered by things had picked up insults reversed eds who tank past in gods range rover cars stirs in sum chemistry effort forgetting a little wage packet I see to Car seen uz into me new home and we attended a picnic together I was allowed out forcen show off the silly pay 2 Now everyones settled av been robbed blind playin them all tittle yetam rubber city shoot hold 3 in awkward at tail the reef follower who pad never existed till then what a rope reborer ROPED The NEAREST city tEMPLE The Nearest City Temple TED Line Full of gulls in the littler car almost gast by now we sees a city over the highway and car says petrol zoom in tipped a tail in view of the road fork we switches side and parks in view of shops This is dog Asia Arounder Lucy felt cool and decided to chase stevie up in the window clad in clothes off market was where she picked to say hello there and in she went expecting to feel strange over his last ventures and title full of heros and making gods of one thing and another would he recall or be exactly like the boys she knew of at schools Stevie dazed in shock says hello back she was so beautifull and didn't need a straight reply to take away attached she went a head into our golden book of rhymes etc where it had been forecast her returns in spells and enchantments which all led a to this seat in pink over in the next face In no time aboard on for island i had luces seat which made my eyes water forra tuh smile which she hid with twitch i pushed on in view only the window tuh see and her all clad like him ( the pilot ) fed take off over halo i was in there was a little bag i had to use lucy threw it across making me raise my game over her voice in ear and view continued till i was sick fed through a pants were like horse rides we'd had before i knew a There was lots to do on the plane in a video settion for a while i chose drama n tide while lucy chose to view or hear knoledge was important before kick off as we see the landing site on the mainland stretch near bay holder we zoomed into shudder risk an overnight stay ahead of a teas that had been prepared here we had travelled light because of Gagas bags in promise me and luce had a little nibble too as we landed and rode out along gangway and the port we found this bar Accentric Bar 2 The Loon Suprise and aw tremour excellent beers and the idea miss shapes finding out by means time we took a wander along to the harbor in wait a loverly vessel to be ridden over our little task was getting hold of cargo and it was easy The opener in chords lego bust in alley fillet the shop id used brains here an hoyed in a branch in too as the dawn rose Lucy needed specks which i fiddled by buying her the full rack and spindle assembly with spares to she'd decided to manage the shop to when we got over island through it to this made precedures and aloud night to happen i could see gaga going forrit in crew course after several days and night ties we took to high roll Special Played Asking to stand a Rose a hell again each day vinegar bleach shot through a mouthun jaw title Each 2 Everyone applauded except me taylor maid to dance each route city of the catholic claim a Pink Seat Today he troddin as though he knew me laughing at lane I diguised it o'waft about in poetic gesture as though I'm amusing o'puddle see a hank left cause thats where it stays see2. Bellow Deck we were set to train only the surface sank news in un-denieing quintess's. Liquid flows through the jells impertenent rules nolonger egzist I reminded tim who silenced expectant feed through finger his little jellies verses set a ego a shine. Nerce Hears In Vogue Ball Nerce Hears runs 2C, and after all her fame she stank roundhouse, in Eskimo joins the fun queue fort lunch was an ideal topic today I even cured fawn Romeo, her packer left me cram and I winged the little winge hour. Pokus remembered my name as I eyed her controller before a break, outside the guveness shot should in his own house fur cemicals strikes a go for fort lonelier suddenly I woke it was only a Nerce Hears hour Nerce Hears a own owl stevie 1 had !!flashed her from the Rainbow room where he and natters lifted the jary she looked through the maps and took a self down into a chamber for a while Over the key there were Marks which lead in temple porter ring was the 1st, option she saw pulling a ring she flew by in st, Clare square 3, fellows followed a needing pints 1 X 3 ( woodys Rum ) rumbles in game and locating a fellows she forced LeeAnnes Big Sister our the stairways to heaven. In the wrong game welfare woods tugs at tiger foods submerged and in grand dury attic a respitefull gaze fruitfully wists a journeys home Joe needed a Helena part 2 EARLiER iN THE DAY CASED Cased and in, he makes the Patio Corner obviously deseased now and mellow but cream in colour. If only theh was a bible right O'Jesus bugger in the next few days I'll see him disintergrate like the birds I found wanting. JOGGY 1998 - 2013 On love The master of his own soul, it was by know act it was achieved by mere common sense in league with desitions made through the dieing phase known as the passage of the soul. Believeing that he was dieing wasn't easy and developed slowly as he was was in peek condition and seen as in the prime of his life ( his expert ). Only thinking he was off his food turned into a nightmare as this developed into the realization of his pass into the after life, he needed extra food to preserve his liveing experience so we could make minds in plural here. caps of milk and even drinking gobblin, plus fingers of food hopeing he'd gain strength I seen this wasn't so but happiness in him and calm shone his way. I continued his milk and water all the way through he'd fight it off but swallowed and gained composure and held weight which looks important with his last strides he chose to hunt for water I let him in the sink with running tap he was slow and was patient as I lifted him about and finally kept him in his happiest place of rest on top of ther piano stool to the right of me were he slept and remaind fed till he made it plane he was about to die I raised him in swing to look hopeing for a miracle ow but knowing nonesense by his frail frame I placed him in his final resting place in perfect first time with know manouvering to try and add comfort he'd landed right and a happy smile with mouth open and eyes I tucked in his favourite life pal a rock he owned raiseing his shoulder slightly I was happy with it secureing to his chest too. his breathing was continueing while he was ridged and we were both happy now after momments his body movements showing breath stopped but he is alive to me I figured this as a mistake however the bond ( twig ) still holds as in life studying through it it became obvious a dieing persons soul leaves the body in most cases say because of nothing here at all to remain and love with where it goes depends upon our Earth as God in life and death, there's many places it can go I have decided this before and believe mine will go and be carried by seagulls till rebirth, however his is higher with me his soul is in its greatest and even more so its favourite house its own body where it can stay to traverse as those things do, by me. Through this I have considered the mummy and may add a more pertinent claimer to this in superior houses the only thing to fear I can see is the fly because of his dextorious eye vision. so his case will be the vent when I'm out. please note this artical is written to point out the suprise in mumification that aludes braining types over most times just to refresh .. If rested properly with love and patient follow it rests in its own form in a perfect dream state of a seeming real life. that is 1st. JOGI Still in tack with fish for amazing show newyears eve 2014 The Phone Call This is where they applied Sue after the pinch, lost now we search fuvik Stopper races to the phone pushing kenny along the wall of the bodyshop Tony was right behind him insisting it would be his darling ( as she was known ) for, him, picking it up like a nun charta he applies right ear, 'hello bodyshop. all you could hear in backround was the sallamander pumpin its blood oot They were practiced in converting the replies into understanding their possition as it happened me The paintshop pro had regular charm settions which left them milk off. We used to work hard there wasn't any time for bickering, not like the mechs they were always bullying each other and the place had to close soon after I left. I managed to get Tony another job but he turned to a woman like most people do so after he aw to welly the old punk I got in with Willa, he rolled the place acting like Dinky, and paniced coz I took a hand eventually he played it down and I was left to work the BIRD They wouldn't Drove Bird had to be brought but minor struggled in to rescue his new Angel unforgiveness rose she'd of been in home by now Not like SUKI the little parraquet they'd stolen from Sue Ranger ( above ) This is why this challenge started over Hitler to see that world war 1 wasn't his idea know swallows but chosen afters ran through to pilot city where it happened they'd stolen birds next... Bust Eagle on revenge. Drivers Yard We begin Rolling over, orange tarmac in a real kingdom known by drivers passengers. The road had began to curve, and widen I had noticed and then though it all became magical in an instant as Steve touched his toe onto the throttle like an Angel and everything entered miracle, nothing else could be seen heard or saw other than this realm this must be cruiseing everyone knows of a, speed didn't seem to happen everything else just disapeared as the car rose over through and across and straight by and past and down and along the road in front and in view of everything and everybody as the stud still, nothing happened and even or mattered Suddenly Stevio in perfect control throws the gear stick forward and struck 3rd gear The car shortened its steps, I re-arranged my view of the situation. And low and behold imiediatley on the left, less than a hundred metres ahead shot out a torso vehical in an attempt to take over the Road, before match. It was to-late the realm had been injected by throttle without plenty of time, for, no-reverse. He saucershiped forward and left us the road still clears Somehow the bend appeared next, to sharp to manouver had we not foreseen this through throttle jockey. Chasen up and around the bend a hidden hill all the vehicals were comeing down and some no almost opposit on, the opposit side one of those was a helicoptership which pertruded its rectangle almost into our rear somehow Steven escaped not even catching the wall which zoomed in on the passenger side we manouvered the bend and managed to raise the hill almost in 2nd gear its coz of the way the car had been drove we managed this something to be seen my mouth understood was wide open draugn shut foh the races All that was left was the hill crest as we crossed over toppleing almost into 1st, gear the crew had layen a lawn a sand pitch we had to veer round almost knocking the dive Smileing somehow the managed not to shave We crossed through and reached over to the path side where supposingly the crust back on to the road however all the pedestrians marched on forward somehow as though not even in thought and nothing else could be seen to them, the horn had to be used this is when we reached the police scene next. the Police did this coz i won them easy, had it stolen and written off while i was in a restraunt We had parted, In Hastings, and finally, went out to play, Evening. Best'n takeing second place to no-one Meant little to her. I had the cat fierce She'd been in to postpone a journey I didn't quite understand, but getting the new car - there was no-holding uz back. But found it in close proximety to the studio apartement we'd found away into above Ivan Springer a negro passer I despised because he kept trying to steal jogi I had to keep reallying on Bruce Lee who i'd found to bully people with I was Always training with him that way. One evening returning from the coast where we'd spent the whole day on deck chairs in salute Was with extending the walk home i'd found the car parked up off the road with a big for sale sign at a fantastic give away price The student boffin arrived after the phone call ( early cell analog ) foh layd eez secret had taken the fuel pipe off the carbaretor to stop thefts which had then served to wash the engine prior to the sale A beautifull Vauxhall Cavalier GL style 1.6. Fully kitted out for The Driver with nothing obvious So what started with a Happy Sale escalated, Elavated. daily. which honestly was - really helpfull An added bonus & a big suprise, could of been a big help as well in the event of failiure Honestly there wasn't much chance of that car failing or letting the driver down and his passenger STAGE 1, On The Road..Next... The Police right house The wind had forcast leaves A hail in the sky a night metre storm way up in heaven watching it with the new tv channel set up in style brings out eez jelly And forced to search the car forra I had it hidden just out of his race, or it would of been curtains like thud been tryin tuh do eachday and night since the spotted wuh in highway over gull. Not findin it e did off for once e left ez producer like a sir charge mink In the role a called round in a day or two or three, with intent to pay I had me slippers on and he thought it fit to chase with lolly he struck the windscreen when he couldn't get in angry. Focused I raced away laughing Sue in seat we sped round the world to here Laughed out thehs loads of plausable laughs that gas even you. I see the Dr tomorrow too, if there's a moral to this speech, its do not let the parking tickets start when you're rolling or yeh dead. And even with insurance it's dangerous because they crash into you if theh beaten and claim you're the fault right. This tale lacks humour because though they are pulling you in it's to rude to partisapate and it's all about they rule when We do. yuh ok. The want tuh spoil all yeh fun, because they're not haveing any, then the method of disaplin is odd for funeral. inta the Factory never mind that lot you had better have my chickens in there, Seat un hurry orelse Aw mann it had better be something Starter Over Cushty man cram emin time for paddle jeers whitley bay first foest me & lewi and priann Maxines still got the same caper, She doesn't know me, right demo the devil cramlington here, to Elswick road and back each day on bike! just t live and at £15 pw after 7pound lesser start 1st, Scene Led Zeppelin Clare was a hot surf crush so nice in Nice, there's a song about it by the Stranglers, its on Dreamtime when wuh got back it was all over, she'd been un-faithfull - is this fair this was the picture before everyone turned into Gunner win the World. Jonesy is the greatest man I ever met, still say that he's Abraham, see eez little brother to check howl this is just the past, its known a re-assembley, me rolly,peter brown and tommy would meet up without fred for dinner everyday, its nice in that i took Susan their she's been Adbducted by this lot since we were married they divorced us to shes kept in prison here in a loony bin over in Howdon, for Moon Lee to star i carry on so i can get them done its crime they own thats all Victors annual carnival had arrived outside of Chuhdually town walls in the old vicarige two of the RWorldOfficers babes were there, they'd flown in especially to be with him for the event. The main event the Chinese State services which included a circus and the gambleing began big business - More as news happens. check the site for details A to B, no mind, Bruce himself was also a Zen master,. Like the finger pointing a way to the Moon.. Explanations Random., it's ok for quickness and ease it's the CHI understand, once it is flowing, well it's like the river you just keep on flowing man. Opposition. Stretching and contracting simultainiously, use holding and waiting to experience till the principles seen, then let it go or continue as you will, just ease the burden of your mind. look at Bruces warm up kicks in W.O.T.DRAGON. to see how it feels in essence. How to really get there - start useing half squat technique, jackie chan in drunken master has a red hot full baldy of it in one scene you can experiment while you are getting fit remember before too long you are gonna be holding it to succeed see him again. ( something has to give ,remember that 2 ) I like to see the Snake and the Bear together, its that burn if you've ever been a bit or a great body builder the similarites in the two are good fodder. Raise the arms out and hold at shoulder level to check your endurance its going to disapear too Say you've lasted 20mins - half an hour today thats a start. Figure your dislike, your disgust, it's all going away in endurance to come course A. When you sit down in a seat to rest after hold yourself up just a little till you forget it'll come back in course to keep trying it and remember too attach length when you can. ( Bruce it takes 13 years to get good ) I began kung fu in 1998 during the world cup I remember in Benwell a little area known in the town. making weight happy by 2004, thats how long it took to reach this standard. Continueing on in basics like daily over the martial law making major repairs all the way eye's especially . making way up from ground in wait ventures one reaches thighs as knee is fixing ( this is 2015, new year feb) valentines day infact ) in which then motorvates the new movements never leaving basics we begin imiediately returning to calfs for movement we've seen various examples in all the styles, they're all the same now as happiness sweeps you away in your new moving into - techniques - the train slowly pulls away, sid notices his scene Underware rushes of the fresh stream in a hibrook way up north of Victoria an as yet unseen town venture japallan risks a tune in babies undergarments , we shall see in hashaseen tomorrow. Suddenly an old friend shot his torso up from the deep of river SaS On the screen in the Skyship I got a 3d version to study of the actual moment We were transported up in the flash of a sorcer ship as soon as it appeared safe in underwent journey to early market streets I saw myself 1st, signaling, & Jonesy... Oolay... Woody hearing dolls feet peers round oafy box. An alien robot stood out on seeing Woody it spoke 1st, greetings what sort of life form are you friend, what is this place, I've crash landed. iK... Woody quickly pressed his remote sender. Why howdy partner reach for the Sky The oafy box came on, a new channel Woody flung himself back our I'd picked up the same webisode a win 2000 anime fantasy. Chuhdually City. The Platform rose. The production was an RWorldOffice epic on the little monsters real ARTPOP tag, Y, a promotion shower scene white... Feed Tex... The webisode rolled by and before too long rose the mummy inn scandle 2 Nerce Hears hurried the girls across the roadway in an act of insanity a foolish driver pulled up in a flashy broadside the party wasn't his because of Robbie loud on Graces Smartwatch It was a long trainride to follow although one of the girls was missed Nerce Hears bus porter 2, which took them over jap alley 1st, stop2, pick up a camera scene vic All this time my monitor in space-lab ( I'd developed ) was collecting and storing data for processes after show The Chuhdually girls in a fury she'd been left by the trainride The Party Type... Right Girls Hostess Often

There are so many things you could do with WebCompiler we couldn't possibly list them all, there are probably hundreds of uses we haven't thought of, and HTML is becoming such a powerful language particularly with its ability to run JavaScript etc. that there are probably a lot of things that can be done that we are not aware of .


Start off by thinking laterally - "could I use JavaScript or VBScript here" for example, or maybe link two presentations together, or .....



                       I took the interview being left school. And, had to face Phil's idiocy soon after arranging panic with wild anticks all frilly with sentences overtime fully convinced I almost blew it. I let him go on in despair though, we had it tuff together, he followed dogmatic like in hopes and dreams to. Back to the night fights n everything no more bossy just boots bed ware and braise yehself baby. Work slowly took over the role and I soon found out I was to be married, yes I was. I liked that life, always things going on just getting through the apprenticeship meanwhile I dont know not much tales, just dusty old go. So as soon as the daughters (2) were old enough she made it plain that meant, answer. And I did. She saved them for this darky she knew to Prince of the rape pale and Pete. So you see your muddle! If you don't I'll risk deeper and deeper then one day I found Madonna singing my song, not that it matters by then it was 1986 you know ( checks her ) fiddle its Gaga Queen of our worlds even Star On the LINER now I signed Crig to cover the scene,. He's a tale he first stars in The Sub which is yet to be seen, then Mud Gloves involves him further where he rents some land and settles on it for life with his crew where his story takes off. The Liner is currently in motion on some channel we know Baker is on board and several stars have showed Captain Crig is leading on the poll with viewers stickers and ain't likely to take backstage he's on course for now the departure out of the lagoon is about all read. Who's at the captains table tonight, baker like all the passengers has a laptop in cabin and Crigs files are on the local network area in easy access. \docs\dining\requests .../Madonna he slams it shut . He heads for the ballroom the widows in corridor 2, baker whats going down now she says., nothing why,, have you seen Crigs requests to then, not yet e says well he's got beyoncA knowles and a lil daughter a seat . no yes, and madonna to the Stage never fell down over Brit and baker intent on having another listen to from talks with the widows challengers little more than kids seeking time about n stuffs wind got up then came a big suprise Lucy was on board to. Lucy again brushing up as I thought it through it was a long time back I promised her Earth Roses whatever, you name it. She was at the bar already dashing and well mannered with a vibe out stretched a legs showed first i'd never seen them at all understanding she flung the full view Then struck by words and lip structures I began to reason while I listened Steve god Yoko Ono's just been here chatting to Lady Gaga and now you've arrived isle drive I was buttoned for the first stage like i'd rehearsed things before hand She carried the chalking fits of laughter and screwing heads we then sat over the arm chairs in the afternoon room and carried on making things up time finished third she didn't run and knew the way no I wasn't there thats not my business till nine thats the appointment over hair do's you know girls facing it I coldly hung a notice before I hit the jibe I wasn't flat out when this chick spoke to uz imiediatly I found myself right Shannon Lee of all people noticed my BLT well al be buggered she said thats all it took I said I knew your dad she said I can tell I wasn't about to hang there for Lucy had made me promise to her i'd give her some browser history at nine. Baker thats exactly what I want to and I took her cabin number till tomorrow at 10: ok thats a date don't be swade now no no 10. Somehow I found Lucy's suite Right off big the drinks cabnet held one no two spanish rose bottles ice bacardi breezers 4 - 6 tonics and other odds n ends come on baker she says well I got it out and found the deck cams before long and watched over the drones fill. In Crigs book ASDA were in as.the crow. with an automated receiver I looked into checked boxs and sealed it back together Well everyone had a great time and promised to return next year in liner 2 "Aa'v got to repair you", "y'can't". "a, can". weight av got to put the rubbish out for monday.. .. so a says to dicky, when are they ever going to get it. e: sez, 'i don't know! "I'm not looking". "here its in this roll of film". "now how about a nice bruce tea" "already" "yes", "now listen here, I've radioed for a hydrofoil to meet the boat at medium sea soon, I'm going to M'co to see the finals i'll take you along as a special guest when you're ready now". "when will we be back" "before you know it". don't you think thats zealous to give so much time to your paint

If that doesn't give you any clues then try visiting our Web site at http://www.webcompiler.com - as we get to know about creative uses for WebCompiler we will put them there. We will also try to collect examples of different techniques there.

A good source for JavaScript scripts for all sorts of purposes is http://www.devhead.com
Want to make a presentation that requires no user input (a display for a shop maybe?). Try using automatic refresh with Meta Tags to cycle around a sequence of pages. Combine this with clean-screen mode and keep the keyboard/base unit out of sight and you have a very effective display vehicle.