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Page Setup... Little Note File
Integer Island Rules__ settion one; Aa ARTCOMIC.
centuries pass by - 2018
Print...Chase Island Times
Lewi Lets island base camp
officers incharge here: field, smog.
Allows you to open an HTML page. Take note that WebCompiler uses the page you open as the key to use to store all the compiler options you choose. It uses the page you open using the open dialog even if you subsequently navigate to another page and start compiling from there.
Compiler Options...
Allows the definition of the name of the compiled presentation, the Icon to use and a range of other options, described more fully under "Compiler Options".
Compiles the presentation. If the presentation's filename has not been set then the Compiler options dialog box will appear, otherwise the previously set Compiler Options will be used. The "home" page in the compiled presentation is the page you are at when you issue the Compile command.
Closes the current instance of the program.